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Snack on coconut chips without guilt

If you are not fasting for religious reasons but, rather, for weight loss/management, then you should consider snacking on imported Kenyan coconut chips.

As everyone already knows, fasting more often than not causes bad breath but out of fear of breaking the fast, people stay away from even sugarless chewing gums.

Try out the sun-dried KenTaste coconut chips that will not only leave your mouth feeling and smelling fresh with the exotic fragrance and aroma, but you will still be treading along the healthy line; after all, they are sun-dried without any added oils or cholesterol and are also gluten-free.

Being so chewy, you can snack on just one chip for several minutes even for those who are not fasting but don’t feel like eating something heavy. The challenge is to resist snacking away the entire pack in one go as they are so addictive.

They come in three different flavours; the original plain, salted caramel, or chocolate with distinctive aftertastes and textures. With competitive markets in the USA, Asia, the prices for the chips are slightly above the average for the size, but still well within the Shs 10,000 and Shs 15,000 range depending on where you are buying them from.


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