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71 killed, 333 injured in 7 days in road accidents

A taxi wreckage after the accident

A taxi wreckage after the accident

Traffic police statistics reveal that 71 people were killed and 333 injured in road crashes over the past seven days. Among the deceased were 29 pedestrians and 28 motorcyclists, while the rest were passengers on motorcycles or vehicles.

Traffic police spokesperson SP Michael Kananura identified three major causes of these crashes as careless overtaking (26 per cent), speeding (21 per cent), and following too closely (10 per cent). 

“We urge pedestrians to always cross at designated crossing points. When you reach the zebra crossing, stop and look at both sides of the road before you cross. We also urge drivers and motorcyclists to respect these zebra crossings,” Kananura stated.

Several zebra crossings in Kampala, such as those at the Postal Office on Kampala Road, Uganda Management Institute (UMI), and Nakawa near the URA exit road, have been identified as the most dangerous for pedestrians. Many pedestrians are struck at these crossings because drivers and motorcyclists do not respect them, despite their visibility.

Recently, a woman named Christine was fatally hit while crossing at a zebra point along Jinja highway near UMI’s entrance, sparking a debate on X. 

The discussion highlighted the need for raised crosssings instead of painted crossings, arguing that raised crossings would compel drivers to slow down. In response to ongoing traffic violations, the police announced the resumption of operations against bodaboda riders without valid driving licenses.

“If you don’t have a driving license or if you have an expired driving license, you will be our target. Also, bodaboda riders without crash helmets and reflector jackets will not be spared,” Kananura said.

Relatedly, the police, in partnership with other agencies, have conducted refresher training for 1,500 drivers and motorcyclists in Hoima city and plan to extend this training to other regions. This initiative follows a Kigezi regional traffic sensitization workshop where more than 3,000 pupils received road safety tips.


0 #1 Paul Mayende 2024-07-09 11:56
When shall we start cancelling drivers licenses over some of these reckless incidences?

I have witnessed drivers and riders overtaking on pavements when the car a head has stopped for some one crossing or joining the road.

It is these kinds that cause many of the accidents. Speeding through ZEBRA CROSSINGS should be non-negotiable. An accident resulting from such a spoint should be severely punished. We can stand this stupidity on the roads.
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0 #2 Taira Mbabazi 2024-07-09 12:23
The Thugs the Military Police should first target on Uganda's roads are :-

1. Boda Boda bike riders with deliberately RAISED NUMBER PLATES [obviously to enable them escape after criminal offences and traffic offences]

2. Truck Drivers WHO MALICIOUSLY REFUSE TO TURN HEADLAMPS TO DIM at night on highways to on-coming traffic
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